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Who Are We?

IAS a platform for making technologies prevalent in the industry available to UTD students and alumni’s. Our Team Centric approach comes from understanding that our peers should avail more of industry hands on and first-hand experience. With strategic insights on what lies ahead we make efforts to rope in industry professionals to share their experiences and also provide hands-on training. Technology is advancing, borders are disappearing and competition is intensifying. IAS helps Professionals to be ready to respond to complex and unpredictable challenges.

Our Vision

Providing training and leadership opportunities in areas where Information is at the core of every smart decision, driving business strategy, solutions, growth and ultimately success.

Our Mission

IAS is the leading association of IT professionals aiming to introduce you to technological and leaderships perspectives of the IT world.

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Intelligence Analytics Challenge 2.0

Want to challenge yourself with analysing real world data, Gear up for the Challenge!! To register, meet us at IAS Desk outside Davidson Auditorium(JSOM 1.118) from 11am to 7pm

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Organization Advisor

Ravi Narayan

Ravishankar Narayan, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Information Systems

The IAS is an organization for both Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Total No of Active members are 150+.The IAS is being established to advance the professional goals of our students aspiring for BI- related roles with their future employing organizations. The two avenues through which these goal -s will be furthered are education and networking. The former includes the offering of hands-on BI tool use at meetings, on-line review material, and connections with experts. The latter involves inter -actions with club members who share the same interests and opportunities to engage with outside professionals at both IAS and other BI events. Together such opportunities provide our members with a competitive advantage when both pursuing jobs and performing their jobs once obtained.

Ravishankar Narayan


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    Learn With Us: Informatica

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    Learn With Us: Python

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    Learn With Us: TIBCOSpotfire

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    Agile Project Management

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    Big Data

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    Big Data Solutions and Analytics

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    Data Analysis and Programming in R

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    Indexing in Database and Datawarehouse

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